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Mason Jar Phenomenon

Mason Jar Phenomenon

Ok so there cannot be to many of you out there who have not seen a mason jar being repurposed into something other then what it was originally used for: canning. I am amazed at all the uses that people … Read more »

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Heirloom Cooking

Heirloom Cooking

It is once again the time of year when we are giving thanks for all we have, and celebrating life with those we love. I find myself drifting off into memories of years gone by, being in the kitchen with my parents … Read more »

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The Humble Cranberry

The Humble Cranberry

Cranberries and Homemade Holiday Cranberry Sauce – One of the most under-appreciated yet highly utilized fruits on the market, and one of the only three that can trace its roots back to North American soil, is the humble cranberry. Aside from … Read more »

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Holiday Ham

Ham has got to be the simplest meat to cook. You are only heating it up. Pour a bottle of root beer (for a sugary-spice) or a cola in the and then periodically baste and you’ve got a syrupy glaze perfect with … Read more »

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Grilled Peaches

There is nothing new with grilling stone fruit (those with pits). But grilling is the height Summertime Americana dining. Any method to get kids to eat more fruit is a good thing. It stands to reason that if these types of … Read more »

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Fruit Smoothies

#1: The Super Smoothie My kids get off the bus & run in the house excitedly asking for spinach & carrots before saying “Hello!” How is this possible you ask? Okay – perhaps I’m a bit behind the times but … Read more »

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Our Book: Cooking Together

1. It is a Keepsake Cookbook, designed to become a family heirloom! 2. The recipes are healthy, but Do Not require you to change your lifestyle! 3. It has more than recipes, featuring everything from Essential Herbs & Spices to … Read more »

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Elisabeth’s Marinade

So the other day I’m driving Elisabeth home from camp, wondering how I’m going find interesting meals for this kid for the rest of summer vacation, — just like the rest of you, I’m sure. I tell her I have … Read more »

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Jenn’s Mock Crepes

Jenn Lownik sent us this recipe. It sounds delicious and I had to post it right away. I’m going to try this with Elisabeth. I thought of ‘Kids and a Cook’ this morning and wanted to share this! I made “mock crepes”. This … Read more »

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Gluten Free Cupcakes!

A close friend of ours has a child who needs to follow a Gluten Free (GF) diet. She once asked me if I had a recipe she could use to make Gluten Free cupcakes for her son’s birthday party. Of … Read more »

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