Fruit Smoothies

#1: The Super Smoothie
My kids get off the bus & run in the house excitedly asking for spinach & carrots before saying “Hello!”  How is this possible you ask?  Okay – perhaps I’m a bit behind the times but I have finally jumped on the smoothie bandwagon.  Smoothies are a great opportunity to “hide” plenty of fresh organic (& local if/when possible) produce that your kids may not normally eat!  I don’t follow a specific recipe but below are some great options:
In your blender:
STEP ONE – Add liquid (about 8 oz):  Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Coconut water, etc.  I even add the water I steam the veggies in – don’t throw it out – put it in a jar in the fridge to cool!  I also put Greek yogurt in mine.  This is a nice mixture of probiotics (& the fruits & veggies to follow provide the prebiotic food those good bacteria need!)
STEP TWO – Add a healthy fat:  a TBSP of flax seed oil or Olive Oil (Olive Oil has a little stronger taste though)
STEP THREE – Add Veggies:  The more the better!  This is where I grab a handful of organic spinach, organic shredded carrots.  You can also add cooked beets and any other easy to blend veggies.
STEP FOUR – Add Fruit:  about 1 Cup.  My boys love bananas!  But I also love peaches, berries, mango, etc.  I use frozen fruit to make the smoothie the consistency of a milkshake but they seem to enjoy it either way.
STEP FIVE – Some other ingredients to consider adding:  organic baking cocoa (great antioxidants plus now you can offer a chocolate smoothie!), Blackstrap Molasses (great for adding trace minerals – about a tsp).  I also add salt.  What? – Isn’t that bad?  Yes, over use can be and generally the salt you buy is overly processed & robbed of the trace minerals.  I use Celtic Sea Salt which has the trace minerals we need.  Just a tiny pinch though!
This is good as is, —  but I also add a whole food vitamin (plus protein) powder.  A good brand can be bought through a holistic healthcare provider.  What to look for:  whole food ingredients, NOT synthetic vitamins.
Got Fiber?  I also add a whole food Fiber Powder.  Again, it is made from natural ingredients (like oats) & very helpful if you have a child who has a problem “going.”
Blend. Pour. ENJOY!  You will soon have your kids running off  the bus excited to get their afternoon smoothie!
#2:    Banana Smoothie: 
This one is great because of the goodness of bananas, yogurt, cocoa.  It’s my boys’ favorite!
1 Banana
1/2 Cup  StonyField Farms Ba’Nilla Yogurt
1/2 Cup Rice Milk
Grab the organic Spinach & shredded Carrots (probably 1/2 Cup Spinach & 1/4 Cup Carrots)
1 tsp. Cocoa
Pinch Celtic Sea Salt
1 tbsp. Flax Seed Oil
Whole Food Vitamin Powder
Whole Food Fiber Powder
Blend.  ENJOY!  Off to after school activities!!!
#3: Fruit & Veggie  Smoothie
This is my favorite – there will be small seeds from the raspberries but it tastes so good I can live with that!
1 Cup Almond Milk
Organic Spinach & Carrots
Pinch Celtic Sea Salt
1 tbsp. Olive Oil
Whole Food Vitamin Powder

Whole Food Fiber Powder
1 Cup:  frozen Organic Peaches, Raspberries & Blueberries
1 tsp. Cocoa
Blend & ENJOY!
These smoothies come out as a sweet frozen treat.  I whip them up when I need to feel like I am splurging! (which now seems to be everyday after I make the boys smoothies!).  Sometimes I have it for dinner – especially when it’s too hot to eat.  Smoothies seem especially yummy when I drink them from something fun like a Pilsner glass!

Lisa Lester

Lisa Lester is a Registered Dietitian with nearly 20 years of experience. She has worked coast to coast in a variety of settings such as cardiac rehab, the Joslin Diabetes Clinic and has lectured to people of all ages. Lisa is a happily married, proud mother of two boys who diligently works to control their food allergies. She loves to try new recipes -- cooking with her sons or just surprising them! Her family truly believes in eating a "Rainbow Diet!"