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About Michelle Day

Michelle Day has been cooking and baking since she was old enough to hold a whisk. Michelle is an expert cook and her passion for cooking and entertaining has never wavered. At the age of 10 Michelle’s Family started a bakery in Simsbury CT, where Michelle got her first taste of running a food service business. In 1994 Michelle moved to New York City, where, she found her true passion in baking. In 2001 she started “The Catering Divas” Catering business. Serving the Upper East Side, she catered numerous small dinner and cocktail parties. Her passion and attention to detail won her the attention of some of New York’s Elite.

Back at home in Connecticut, Michelle is a well known culinary instructor and her cake decorating skills jump-started a side business — Devine Cake Designs — where clients clamor for her inspired and beautifully artistic designs.

After 15 years in the culinary industry, Michelle’s love of cooking, baking and children, has lead to her to her newest career, offering personalized family cooking classes and creating a TV show, digital broadcasts and Cook Books like no other.

Kids and a Cook is all about healthy, fun, and easy meals for kids and their families. Michelle credits her parents with her success and her love of food, helping to create so many memories being in the kitchen with them as a child. Her goal is to have a show to help viewers create the same memories with their families. A show for the kids, and by the kids, with the “cook” there as guidance.

Michelle’s featured co-host is an energetic, precocious 9-year-old named Elisabeth. Although a finicky eater, Elisabeth still loves to cook in the kitchen and learn about ingredients and how to mix them to make tasty dishes.

Come join us — as you and Elisabeth learn easy recipes and explore culinary adventures.

Michelle Day is available for lectures and cooking demonstrations. Please contact us through this website.

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The new DIRTY word in food

  PROCESSED! As we become more health conscious, and gain more of an understanding about the direct correlation many of the food we eat have on our bodies, we have made the new DIRTY food word “PROCESSED”. Smart companies today, have … Read more »

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Mason Jar Phenomenon

Mason Jar Phenomenon

Ok so there cannot be to many of you out there who have not seen a mason jar being repurposed into something other then what it was originally used for: canning. I am amazed at all the uses that people … Read more »

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Food Revolutions

Food Revolutions

It is a New Year, and I guess from the looks of the ‘blog land’ we now live in, I am supposed to write a blog instructing you and your family to eat healthier. Honestly why preach that now in … Read more »

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Heirloom Cooking

Heirloom Cooking

It is once again the time of year when we are giving thanks for all we have, and celebrating life with those we love. I find myself drifting off into memories of years gone by, being in the kitchen with my parents … Read more »

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Adventures in Vegan Cooking

Adventures in Vegan Cooking

I consider myself a healthy eater and smart shopper, and clearly advocate the benefits of cooking together as a family, eating healthy, and creating memories, so when Elisabeth asked her Dad and I if a friend could spend the night, we … Read more »

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Brown Sugar-Garlic Chicken

        We served this baked chicken with smashed potatoes. The potatoes were par boiled then smashed and sprinkled with salt, fresh rosemary and dried minced onion and baked on cookie sheet in the same oven as the … Read more »

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Citrus Chicken

This is a Super Easy Recipe I whipped up last night, that I just have to share. I served this with wild rice and roasted fennel, and let me tell you all these flavors really came together to make one … Read more »

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The Register Citizen News Article

Simsbury authors publish family-friendly cookbook By Scott Allyn   SIMSBURY — For time-crunched families with little meal time together or finicky eaters, help has arrived in the form of a cookbook published in September 2011 by two Simsbury authors. “Cooking … Read more »

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SPL: Spending Quality Time verses Quantity Time

SPL Habit: It is hard to resist being the “Cool” SPL and Buying the child things, or taking them places their parents won’t in order to win their affection. NOTE: This is a hard habit to break once you go … Read more »

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SPL Moment in the making

So it has been a while since I last logged on, you see I work an 80 hour Reatil management job and Novemebr through January I am lucky to see my own shadow let alone my family. Elisabeth has been … Read more »

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