About Kids And A Cook

Bringing Families Together And Still
Getting Dinner On The Table!

We all live busy lives and sometimes family time and nutrition can suffer. By using our common sense approach you can teach your children healthy eating habits, educate their palate, and bring your family together.

Working in the kitchen with your kids on a regular basis can help build their self-esteem, alleviate many food allergy issues and make meal time family time.

In this Website, we show you how easy and how much fun kids are having in the kitchen with adults. The children feel empowered by making the food selections or augmenting recipes — and learning what and why something doesn’t work in a recipe too!

Our cookbook, Cooking Together, Making Memories and Meals offers you and your kids a way to capture family memories to last a lifetime. We’ve placed a page after each recipe for your kids to draw in, take notes or write down a treasured family recipe of your own!

About Kids And A Cook

Here are some tips to help bring your children into the kitchen:

  • Kids eat what they see and have access to. Designate a drawer or area in your kitchen that is theirs and filled it with healthy snacks.
  • Stock a shelf in the fridge with pre-cut fruits and vegetables. Encourage them to take the fruits and vegetables outside when they play. (If your kids have to eat in front the TV — at least they won’t get sticky candy on the couch!)
  • Remember there are no bad foods! Use everything in moderation! Sweets can be part of a balanced diet and used to enforce good eating habits.
  • Eat with your kids — not with the TV. Dinnertime is Dinnertime!
  • In a larger family, allow each person to set the menu one night a week, and help to prepare that menu.
  • Remember: Children’s taste buds change and develop. Keep re-introducing foods and instill a desire to experiment with taste!
  • Keep meal time family time!