Banana Ice Cream

Toss 5 to 6 large, over-ripe bananas into the blender. Add a tsp. each of vanilla AND cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg (& cocoa – for a chocolate twist). Add 1 Cup of milk (cow’s, rice, almond, hemp, coconut, etc). Blend it all TOGETHER & put it in the freezer. This is a great way to add potassium and fiber to your kid’s summer. If you add the Cocoa it adds antioxidants as well!

If your kids don’t like bananas — substitute other fruits — or try more than one and have fun! Another option: substitute juice for milk TO MAKE sherbet.

Lisa Lester

Lisa Lester is a Registered Dietitian with nearly 20 years of experience. She has worked coast to coast in a variety of settings such as cardiac rehab, the Joslin Diabetes Clinic and has lectured to people of all ages. Lisa is a happily married, proud mother of two boys who diligently works to control their food allergies. She loves to try new recipes -- cooking with her sons or just surprising them! Her family truly believes in eating a "Rainbow Diet!"