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Easter Lamb

The tradition of having lamb on Easter dates back prior to actual celebration of Easter, when our European ancestors (and I mean most of them) ranging from Scandinavia to Eastern Europe and down through the boot of Italy and every … Read more »

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Christmas Dinners

The goose gave way to the turkey as traditional Christmas fare. The turkey’s breeding habits and different growing characteristics allowed it to stay tender longer into the winter. A goose, born in the spring and fattened in the autumn’s cornfields … Read more »

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Surprise Mommy!

Garrett: Hey Mommy, we got you a cake and it’s downstairs in the fridge. Daddy: Buddy that’s a surprise for mommy tomorrow…shhhh. Garrett: (quiet voice) Hey Mommy, surrpprriisssseee!!! Christmas shopping will be a challenge this year!

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Kung Fu Chicken (over Brown Rice)

  If you have a wok, or a cast iron braiser, a large heavy bottomed sauté pan or a large skillet with high sides, you can easily manage this great meal in your own kitchen. Making it at home sure … Read more »

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Elisabeth’s Culinary Expansion

“A Pad Thai Weekend”. My daughter has the strangest taste buds. What she likes astounds me. When I am convinced it will be a battle to get her to eat something the kid loves it. Maybe it has been too … Read more »

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A Better Beef Stroganoff

A Better  Beef Stroganoff

Michelle picked up an old copy of The Russian Tea Room Cookbook, written in the restaurant’s NYC heyday by then owner Faith Stewart Gordon. The Russian Tea Room is an iconic place on New York’s West 57th Street nearby Carnegie … Read more »

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July 4th Historic Boston

Photos by: Michelle Day Elisabeth’s first trip to Boston was an attempt to let her experience the history of the town via sights and foods. It was July 4th after all. Boston is an intimate yet world class city noticeably … Read more »

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