Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce

The next time you have a little extra tomato sauce left over, as I usually do, and there is not enough to utilize in another pasta meal, try poaching eggs in it. It’s quick, easy and seldom done.
You will need: Eggs, Tomato Sauce ( obviously –its called poached eggs in tomato sauce) fresh Basil leaves, Cheese (usually mozzarella but Fontina, goat cheese or Manchego are all great) olive oil, salt and pepper and some bread for heartiness.

First coat a saute pan with some olive oil and heat. Then add the tomato sauce and warm it. Next crack in 3 or 4 eggs (depends on how much sauce you have and how many people you want to feed). The eggs will look sunny-side up until they begin to spread out into the sauce. Cook a minute or two until the eggs begin to set. Add in mozzarella cheese and roughly torn basil leaves evenly across the pan. Tearing the basil leaves opens their aroma and flavor. Sprinkle in salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste. Cover and cook for a few minutes. The sauce will actually poach the eggs. Serve with or over a crusty bread.

Eric Bleimeister

Eric has been an enthusiastic cook since he moved out of his parents’ home. His solid memories of family life around the dinner table stick with him today especially the rich traditional and cultural heritage shared over food. Family health issues propelled him to explore better nutritional food sources and cooking processes and Eric now has over 20 years experience with fitness, nutrition and writing. He has always been called upon to whip up main courses for every social occasion and continually comes to the rescue of overworked friends. Whether it’s on the grill, the stove top or in the oven, Eric has an inherent savvy of how to mix ingredients together and make a delicious meal. He is the parent of a finicky eater and this challenge — to get his kid to eat well in a world of pre-packaged and sugary foods — acts as constant inspiration (and perspiration) for him to write about food and develop healthy meals. As a food writer “Kids and a Cook” has been a great opportunity. Eric Bleimeister is available for lectures and cooking demonstrations. Please contact us through this website.