Kids and a Cook Book – Cooking Together: Making Memories and Meals

Cooking Together: Making Memories and MealsKids and a Cook has always been more than just a web site with recipes. It has been our idea since the beginning that spending time with kids is the best way to interact with them. And doing so over food is a natural activity. Why not over good, tasty and healthful food? That — and the growing dietary problems in this country — gave birth to idea that eating well by using readily available, fresh ingredients and staying away from as much pre-packaged or fast food as you can will only make you and your kids healthier without resorting to a “health food diet”. We quickly realized that not everyone is aware of how easy this is to do at home.

So it only follows that our new cook book is more than just recipes! It’s about spending time with your family doing something constructive and in a non-threatening way. You are making a meal — what better way to relate to one another? It’s about teaching your family healthy eating habits by exploring new foods and augmenting recipes in a manner that will ingratiate children to positive dietary habits. You will find important information about food and culinary techniques throughout this book.

Cooking with the entire family is fun. In this day and age, when most parents have two jobs, it’s the dinner that usually suffers. When children have an interest in making a meal, they are more apt to help either parent. It becomes a terrific way for moms and dads to interact with their kids, build memories, and share the dinner chores and for kids to feel empowered.

Kids need to be active participants and have a say in what they are cooking and eating. It may take longer to prepare meals with their assistance during the beginning stages but that won’t last long. Early on they will start out helping and lose interest before the meal is done. That’s fine. Keep re-introducing them to meal prep.

When their friends come over on a play date, have those kids assist with making the snacks too (like fruit dipped in either chocolate or Greek yogurt sweetened with honey or agave nectar or smoothies made from fresh and frozen fruits instead of juice boxes). Your children will soon come to think this is the norm because it will become so. The basis is to teach your children that better nutrition is fun and simple to prepare. Kids tend to eat better when they are amongst others. Which is why making healthy play date foods is important. Play dates can play an important role in getting your kids and their friends to eat better snacks. It helps to set up an overall healthy eating program. We’ve included some recipes in here that kids will love to make and eat with their friends and not even know the nutritional benefits they are getting.

Cooking Together: Making Memories and Meals
Author : Michelle Day and Eric Bleimeister

Publication Date: August 19, 2011
Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN SC: 9781462014408
ISBN Ebook: 9781462014422